Why We Shouldn’t Teach Our Toddlers to Share

Why We Shouldn’t Teach Our Toddlers to Share

And if someone takes your kid’s toy, it’s important to make your child feel understood. To your child, you can describe their emotions and emphasize that you understand that they didn’t like it when someone took their toy. You can also tell them to hold on tight to what is theirs, because it’s their right to do so. As for the kid who took the toy away, you could suggest that they ask if they can use the toy next time, instead of just grabbing it.

However, don’t push it. If you keep insisting that your kid share their toy with somebody else, they might start to associate this word with something negative and this period of “selfishness” and wanting to have things just for themselves might last longer.

With time, your kid will understand the world better and might even learn to like sharing because they’ll see that it makes other people happy.

When did you start teaching your kids to share with others? Are there any tricks that helped you when teaching this lesson?

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