10 Signs of Bad Parenting We Fall Into Without Even Knowing It

9. Spanking in the name of discipline can lead to respiratory problems.

There is a belief that physical force helps parents discipline their children. And a lot of people not only agree with this but actively use this method. For example, the results of a 2012 survey show that 94% of parents regularly spank their children. This myth has to be busted as science tells a different story.

Specialists say that physical abuse can lead to different negative outcomes we least expect. Antisocial actions, psychological disorders, and drug and alcohol dependence are just some examples of behavioral problems that can occur. There is also a mention of a higher risk of cancer, cardiac disease, and the development of asthma. If you wonder what techniques work more effectively and will boost a child’s self-esteem, try some firm, reasonable, and nurturing communication,— scientists will applaud you.Click Open To Read Next Page

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