10 Signs of Bad Parenting We Fall Into Without Even Knowing It

1. Saying, “you’re 1 in a million” is the cause of arrogance.

Do you happen to tell your children that they are special or that the whole world is for their pleasure? You believe that this will raise your kids’ confidence and self-esteem. But specialists warn us that this can lead to unexpected results.

Brad Bushman, co-author of the study, highlights, “It is important to express warmth to your children because that may promote self-esteem, but overvaluing them may promote higher narcissism.” That’s why it is essential to find a balance between these points.

Bonus: If your child is lying, it might mean you’ve overreacted to their mistakes in the past.

10 Signs of Bad Parenting We Fall Into Without Even Knowing It

Children can lie for lots of reasons. They might seek attention or just want to check your reactions to their lies. And psychologists confirm that this is a natural step in their development.

But if you’re likely to overreact to your kids’ mistakes or failures they might use lies to not get in trouble again. Check this Reddit thread and find out how many people confirm this idea. Remember your reactions in similar cases, correct your behavior, and encourage your child to tell the truth. Open communication is the key to a healthy parent-child relationship.

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