This teacher complained about the undisciplined student, but what she found out later was shocking!!

This story is about a student named Maryam who always comes late to school. Every day, Maryam arrives late to the first class; the Arabic teacher, as always, gets angry at her. Whenever Maryam enters the classroom, she would punish her and hit her with the sticks on her hands. The student did not know what to say. She did nothing but embarrassingly crying in front of her classmates. The situation remained the same: every day, Maryam would come late and get beaten by her teacher. One day, and on one of the holidays, the teacher was doing morning exercises when suddenly saw Maryam on the road, and what Maryam was doing has left the teacher speechless. Maryam was working in a car wash, looking extremely tired and sweaty. When the teacher asked about Maryam’s story, she found out that the student works to provide a living to her younger siblings. She wakes up early every day, goes to work, wash cars for a modest amount of money, and then goes to school. The teacher regretted what she did to the poor kid a lot after what she had seen. ‘’Oh my God. I used to hit her when she came late, but that was only because she works to spend on her little brothers. Actually, I am guilty’’, said the teacher. The next day, Maryam came late as always, and when she entered the classroom, she thought that the teacher would hit her and opened her hand preparing herself to bear all the pain. Instead, the teacher looked at her with tears filling her eyes, approached her and strongly embraced her. The teacher apologized to Maryam, and while watching that, everyone in the classroom burst into tears, the crying in front of this poor student prolonged and the curtain fell on this painful scene, the pain that no one would like to see.

Oh God, how many children in this world began to work under the age of 10? How many children around us suffer every day from the worries of this world and they are still too young to understand? Oh Lord, bless all the poor. Oh Lord, protect all the children. Amen! This is just one case of the tragedies that may be next to us in the neighbourhoods, and we do not know about them or ignore them. In conclusion, I ask God to protect Muslims and comfort their children and aid them through the difficulties of this harsh world.

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